Lose to Win

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Let’s face it: When things are not working and we want them to, we stay a little longer than we should. But deep inside we know that we need to walk away. When faced with that choice many of us stay because we feel that we can make it work whether it’s in relationships, careers, churches, etc. So what happens is we talk about how we hate where we are or how we want to get out of the situation. But it seems to be all talk. However, what we fail to remember is that whatever we focus on will come to pass. We may not knowingly do it but we set things in motion just by the continuous focus that we place on the situation. Soon something happens to remove us from the situation or the person (people) causing the issue is removed.

When I heard Fantasia’s song “Lose…

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Always walked to my own drummer, holds many creative ideas...love to bake, teach, and listen to music I play drums, want to play guitar...maybe I'll get to it someday self-published a book and working on the workbook for it That's all for now
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