Talkin’ About Dreams

I heard this song one day as I drove to work and the lyrics just rang true to me. How many of us have heard people just talk about what they want and it proved to be just talk? How many of us are the talkers? Nothing’s wrong with dreaming but if you never move towards it, nothing ever comes of it. Today, if you are dreaming about making a change in your life, start working towards it. It may take some time to achieve it, but time passes either way. So you may as well go after what you are dreaming about. Don’t wake up one day and the only thing that has happened is you have gotten older. It is your responsibility to make it happen. Until next time…peace and blessings to you all.

Can you tell me where we goin’ to
Can you tell me what it is
We really wanna find
Is the truth really there
Or is it right under our hair
For all we know it’s been there all the time

I say, nothin’ comes from dreamers but dreams
I say, sittin at night idle in our boat
While everyone else is down the stream
Nothin’ comes from talkers but sound (oh yeah)
We can talk all we want to
But the world still goes around and round

Round and Round. (Ooh hoo)
We go round and round and round
And what we’re lookin’ for still isn’t found

Can you tell me when we’re gonna get to it
I’m tired of foolin’ around, said I wanna do it (Go for it, get to it)
Ooh, I learned my lesson ya’ll
Said if you wanna have fun go for it
And when you win, say I know it (Go for it, get to it)

Round and Round written by Prince Rogers Nelson


About faithspeaker

Always walked to my own drummer, holds many creative to bake, teach, and listen to music I play drums, want to play guitar...maybe I'll get to it someday self-published a book and working on the workbook for it That's all for now
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