What About Your Friends?

Friendship is a two way street. The Bible says that in order to have friends you must first show yourself friendly. Well, what happens when you’re the friend and the “friend” is a maybe? How long do you carry the load? What happens if they expect you to support them in their endeavors but something always comes up when it comes to yours?

The disruption of a friendship can take it’s toll on the person carrying the load while the other party seems unconcerned. That may not be the case; however, because of the non-committal attitude that is portrayed, no one really knows. It’s unfortunate that a friendship can be reduced to a giver and a taker.

What must be remembered is that friendship is a two way street and must be maintained by both parties. If not, it leaves one person feeling like the maintenance crew. That is, until they realize that they alone have been doing all of the work. Once this has been discovered, the friendship has to be over. When it is, don’t be surprised! Ask, what could I have done better to maintain a 20yr friendship? If you feel that it’s better this way, then move along. But be real about what you did or did not do because it needs to be addressed. See, true friends are hard to come by and the older you get, the more jaded you become.

Until next time I leave you with this quote from Robert Brault:

I value the friend who for me finds time on his calendar, but I cherish the friend who for me does not consult his calendar.


About faithspeaker

Always walked to my own drummer, holds many creative ideas...love to bake, teach, and listen to music I play drums, want to play guitar...maybe I'll get to it someday self-published a book and working on the workbook for it That's all for now
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